For the upcoming edition of Post Magazine, UCU’s greatest alumni magazine (by a mile), we need your help! We are collecting UCU secrets, your UCU secrets to be exact. They can be funny, embarrassing, dark, powerful, unbelievable and/or believable, but most importantly: they are anonymous. Did you have a secret crush on Maarten Diederix? Did you cheat on your finals? Did you serially steal someone else’s tosti’s? In other words:

What’s your biggest UCU secret?

The idea is based on Frank Warren’s great, ongoing initiative PostSecret, which allows anyone to send a postcard of their own design to an address, exposing a secret. Check out the project here and here for inspiration!

There are three ways in which we’re collecting these secrets:

1) The Most Awesome Way: Snail Mail

Design a postcard, or use an existing one, and add your secret to it. Then send it to:

Vespuccistraat 134-3
1056 SV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Don’t forget to put a stamp!

2) The Pretty Awesome Way: E-Mail

Design a postcard using some kind image editing software. There are some online options, we think this one is pretty neat. But feel free to use whichever one you want. Try to send us something in high resolution, at least 1000 pixels wide. Also, try keeping to an aspect ratio of about 3:2. (So an image of 1200px wide becomes about 800px tall.) When you’re done, e-mail your postcard to us at:

3) The Still Pretty OK Way: Fill Out a Boring Form

If you’re strapped for time or cash (what is UP with those stamp prices?), but you do have a wonderful secret that you’re willing to share, just go to this form and submit it anonymously. We will select a few of the best ones, design a postcard around them, and publish them in the Winter Post of 2014.

A Few Things to Take Into Account

– Make sure your postcard is the shape of a postcard (a ratio of about 3:2)
– If you’re submitting digitally, make sure it’s hi-res! (A width of at least 1024 px, but preferably higher)
– The secrets will be published anonymously (!) in the upcoming winter 2014 edition of Post Magazine
– The magazine is sent to all alumni of UCU. If you’ve never received it, or if you’ve recently moved, update your address in the UU database.

We look forward to receiving your secrets! ExCiTiNg!