Our Lawn, We’d Appreciate You Not Being on It

Like some sort of yearly recurring Gremlins 2: The New Batch, the end of another school year means another group of UCU students have now graduated to alumni (not that we’re calling the class of 2012 gremlins; you’re all adorable little Mogwai). It also means another edition of Post!

What is this new edition of Post all about? Well, while the Post editorial board was sitting around the offices of Post Conglomerate Enterprises’ corporate headquarters (magazine editorial and microwaves division), batting around movie references from 1990, we came to the realisation that there were already alumni that hadn’t even been born at the time the sequel to Gremlins came out and that made us feel, like, super old, you guys.

So we got a bit nostalgic. To the days when UCU was still the only Liberal Arts & Sciences college in the Netherlands and we were all secret agent sailboat captains, fighting for Napoleon during the Vietnam War protests at Berkeley, still blissfully unaware of that evil Kony guy. As you can see, we have led very rich and complicated lives. Hoping you’d be too polite not to indulge us in our old grandpa story time, we reached out to our fellow alumni to write these (and other) stories down in the magazine before you.

And to prove to ourselves that, yes, we really were that young once upon a time, we also went through our old photo albums and spread some of our most treasured memories over the pages of this magazine. If you can guess which alumni belong to which pictures you get a cookie*!

We had a lot of fun taking this trip down memory lane and thus we hope your experience will be equally enjoyable. All this reminiscing has taken a lot out of us though, so we’re going to have to lie down for a while.  Is it cold in here? It’s probably those young whippersnappers in HR, they’re constantly messing with the thermostat…

Decrepitly yours,
The Post Editorial board



* Cookies are redeemable by giving the required amount of money to your nearest cookie purveyor. Answers are also in the back.