What’s The Big Idea?

The Quaquaversal (QQV) needed to be rethunk. After 10 good years, the post-UCU magazine was ready for a post-QQV identity, and so there it was: Post.

Post will be a magazine of thoughts, observations, analyses, reviews and (polite) rants. But also of photography, music, illustrations and other artwork. Where the QQV was a magazine by, for and about UCU alumni, Post is still produced by alumni, but for a larger audience. We hope to broaden the appeal by covering a larger variety of topics, and become an interesting read for UCU students, alumni, their friends, family, colleagues and in-laws alike.

But also, and perhaps especially, Post is a magazine that wants to engage in a dialogue. Talk to its readers. That’s why we started this blog: Talking Post. Here, you can react to the articles and the art, or take part in an existing conversation.

Do you want to write, illustrate or take photo’s for Post? Send an e-mail to info [at] ucaa.nl