Artist – Peter Clausman

[nggallery id=2]photography / Peter Clausman (‘01) :::

For me, photography is a way to study life. It is about focus, attention, being in touch, not taking things for granted, letting things blossom, celebrating life, create new approaches and opening up views. It is a way to express myself and to experiment in a way I cannot at my daytime job at Rabobank. Having a career means that my livelihood doesn’t depend on photography, so I can do with it what I want.

You could argue not to explain or give information about a photograph and to let it “speak for itself.” I think accompanying text can help to make a photo look better, but it can also prevent an open look.

The photograph in the table of contents is a jazzy rendering of a (car) trip at sundown. The rhythm of the lighting gives the whole a structure. It prevents complete incoherence. The colored parts complete the composition and stand out energetically on the lazy background of the dark earth that flows into the lightened horizon and the deepening night sky.  I just love the small (‘happy little’ – remember Bob Ross?) lines of light on both sides.

The photograph on these pages was taken during some urban exploring in Bangkok; a pickup truck buried underneath a collection of rusty wheel axles. It invites the viewer to wander from the known road and explore. The contradiction is the rough rusty subject strongly contrasted against the soft pastel colors.