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We are proud to present the second edition of Post of this year. Magazines that appear once a year are not magazines, wethinks, or not very relevant ones anyway, so we’re going to send you two Posts per year from now on.

The UCAA is 10 years old this year and we’ve come a long way since our establishment. There is, however, a lot more we could be doing. We aim to maintain a vibrant alumni network that will be of value to alumni and students alike. Got something to tell us or want to help out? Get in touch!

With our alumni network ever-growing, the possibilities for organizing local groups of alumni (dubbed “hubs”) are becoming more apparent. A group of enthusiastic volunteers is currently in the process of setting up the Amsterdam hub, which will have its first event in the spring of 2012. There are budding hubs (we’re calling them “bubs”) in other places as well. Would you like to help a hub bud, or just dub a bub, bud? Contact us!

Money. There’s no way around it: we need some more of it. Wads of it in black duffel bags would be nice, although somewhat dodgy. A beautifully ornate chest filled to the brim with a sparkly loot would make us ‘ARRR!’ and gnash our teeth in delight. But alumni who did not go on to become pirates or bank robbers can make electronic donations. That’s why alumni received a form with the printed Post, the one you glanced at and put aside, perhaps so far aside that it’s in your bin now. Please retrieve it, as it contains vital information about how to contribute to your alumni association! Irretrievably buried under coffee grounds? Drop us a line and we’ll tell you more.

What, you ask, do we do with the money you donate, apart from the obvious throwing it up in the air, running around in circles under it, and shouting “weee”? Well, after sweeping it up again, we use the money you contribute to sponsor a wide variety of alumni activities in the Netherlands and abroad, and to promote alumni involvement in the regional hubs. We also award an annual alumni prize to a member of the graduating class and invest in social media tools that will keep the alumni network interactive.

We are confident that you might like this edition of Post. We had such a good time making it that we can’t imagine you having a bad one reading it. Here, on Talking Post, is where you can react to the articles from the printed edition or show us your love.

Oh, and if you didn’t receive the magazine it probably means your address isn’t updated in our database. If that were the case, then please note that you can update your address by sending us an e-mail. This is also your go-to address for any of the other stuff mentioned above.

See you in 2012! (Twice!)

Sarah Carmichael
Kiran Coleman
Laurens Hebly
Thijs van Himbergen
Iris Otto
info (at) ucaa (dot) nl


The UCAA Board consists of:

Vice-Chair / Iris Otto (‘09)
Secretary / Kiran Coleman (‘05)
Treasurer / Sarah Carmichael (‘06)