Artist – Suzi Colpa


There was a boy who was born in a city built by people.
Everything was straight and everything was white and
everything was sober.
But inside the boy dwelt a longing for a different view.
A view so expansive it would not fit the dimensions
he had known.

And so, early in the morning, he would climb the
tallest buildings, looking for a glimpse of something
that could satisfy his craving.
With his binoculars he glanced at the sky and at
times, he spotted a thing in that distance that almost
looked like the yearning of his imaginings.


Suzi Colpa (‘10) graduated from the
research Master Study of Art and
Literature at the University of Leiden
in March 2013. She has since dedicated
herself to following her passion for
photography and film as a freelancer.
Find more of her work at: