Artist – Annelien van der Mark


by Annelien van der Mark (‘06)

We begin life with sentiments for a futuristic utopia and, should we age till old, we end it romancing nostalgia. But the latter is a privilege, and one not it my grandfather’s fate. Affected by Alzheimer’s disease, my grandfather lives between a moment already past and an impossible future. The illusion left burns on his face.

I can’t comprehend how my grandfather inhabits and encounters his unknowable history and unnamable material reality. My photographs of him resemble, but fail to restore him. Here, between that which is seen and that which is said, the shock of mortality dissipates under the mercy of finitude.

On a motorboat to Samalona Island to collect sand. Taken in July 1948.












With his daughter and granddaughter in December 2011 in Goes, the Netherlands, at a care facility for people with dementia.